Oppule Ersatz Stones

Oppule Ersatz Stones are the simulated stones created in the highly equipped and controlled laboratories. These stones possess extensive durability and are highly scratch resistant. On the mineral hardness scale, the Oppule Ersatz Stones measure an incredible 9 out of 10 which means they are hard enough to last a lifetime. These stones are cut to perfection that allows them to exhibit a brilliant sparkle and mesmerizing luster. The chemical composition and physical properties of the Ersatz stones are exactly the same as the mined stones, and the quality and durability also matches the natural stones, the only difference is that the Ersatz stones are created in lab while the natural stones are mined.

Oppule Mined Stones

Oppule Mined stones are natural stones that are taken from the bowels of earth. The mining of these stones involve complex procedures and controlled environment. The value and worth of these stones is determined by the rarity, composition and the procedures involved in mining them. Often, the Oppule Mined Stones are treated in lab to enhance their appearance, e.g., heating a Sapphire to deepen its color. These treatments don’t affect the chemical or physical properties of the stone, and just impact the overall look. The Oppule Mined stones are higher in prices as compared to the Oppule Ersatz stones because of the rarity of mined stones. Other than that, there is not much difference between both of them.