Privacy Policy

Oppule pays foremost attention to the privacy of customer’s information and makes sure that all the transactions made via this website are safe and secure. We value the trust our customers have in Oppule and insist upon having highest standards of safety and security.

Collection of Information
We collect your email address you provide us during signing up for the newsletter or creating your account. This enables us to sync your wish list and shopping cart you have already created on the website. We also save the contact information you provide us in order to keep you updated on the offers and discounts based in your previous interests. We do not disclose any of your information to any third party.

Use of Profile Data
We use your personal information to provide your desired services, troubleshoot problems and identify your interest in our products and services. You data and demographics help us improve our services for you and bring to you a better shopping experience.

Security Measures
Our website has stern security precautions that are built to measure any change, misuse, loss or alteration of information present in the website. Whenever there is any attempt to access the site information, we are notified on that and actions are taken accordingly. This is to make sure none of your data is misused by any means.

Any question regarding any matter should be directed to the Oppule Customer Care at: