Product Care

When your clothes fade, you change them. When your handbag or shoes show the signs of wear and tear, you replace them too. But this cannot be done with your jewelry. It’s because your clothes and accessories are not meant to last a lifetime, whereas genuine jewelry can even be passed from generation to generation. To keep your jewelry with you forever in its original condition, you need to take good care of it and make sure you avoid doing things that will damage the precious jewels. Here is a complete guide on what to do and what not to do to prove your love with the priceless beauties.

Keep Your Jewelry Clean

The diamonds and gems in your jewelry sparkle because of the way light passes through them. You won’t see them shine if you keep them dirty. The layer of dust on your stones will block the passage of light, making the stones appear dull. Same goes for the metal of your jewelry. Its sheen surface fades if you let the dirt sit on it. If the metal is gold or silver, its shine will fade if you won’t clean it often, and if the metal is gold plated silver, the plating won’t last long if not kept clean.

To keep your jewelry clean, all you need to do is clean it with the soft lint free cloth which has been provided to you with your jewelry. Avoid wiping the jewelry with a wet cloth and don’t soak your jewelry in water as well. Moreover, do not use soap or any chemical to clean the metal or stones. The stones will survive the chemical, but the metal will react with the chemical and will erode soon.  Thus, use the provided cloth to wipe off the dust every time you wear your jewelry.

Don’t Touch It Often

We understand that you love your Oppule jewelry and its beauty is so mesmerizing that you want to touch and feel it every time you wear it. But touching your jewelry constantly will steal its shine as the oil from your skin will be transferred to the stone and metal, making it appear lusterless. Moreover, rings are in maximum contact to the skin and fade quicker than other forms of jewelry. The gold plated rings lose the plating because of constant sweat released from the skin. Thus, clean your rings often so the oils and sweat don’t stay longer on them, making the shine last longer.

Store Them Carefully

Store your jewelry in its original box rather than putting it randomly anywhere. Hard surfaces will leave scratches on the metal and will damage the plated jewelry. As for stones, Oppule® simulated stones are harder and more durable than the mined stones. But still, extremely rough use will cause to stone to chip from the edges. Once a stone is damaged, it is impossible to restore its original luster and shine. Also, avoid placing all you jewelry together in one box. When metal rub together, they get scratched and lose their original beauty. Always keep your jewelry in its box or if you want to keep it somewhere else, wrap it in a soft tissue and place it securely and separately.

Take it Off When Required

There are times when you should take your jewelry off. It’s better to take your jewelry off during any activity that involve the use of chemical e.g., cleaning and gardening. As mentioned, chemical will damage the metal and steal the shine of stones. Moreover, remove your jewelry during any vigorous activity e.g, while rigorous cleaning or sports as it will cause the stone to chip and can also remove the stone from its setting. Keep your jewelry away from perfume, lotion and makeup as they will accumulate in the tiny gaps of your jewelry, making it difficult to clean. It’s not necessary to keep wearing your jewelry every time. Wear it when it’s worth wearing.
Remember, genuine jewelry requires extra care. Gold and silver themselves are worthy and the Oppule® stones are highly valuable. Thus, when you have something that precious, you should always take measures to keep it safe and lasting, so can wear your favorite jewelry as long as you can!