The "Try at home" feature
"I have always been a bit skeptical about buying something online. Especially when it is something worthy and expensive. Things never come as showed or don't meet the quality standards. But then I got to know about the "Try at home" feature of Oppule through which I tried my selected jewellery at home for free. That built my utmost trust and reliability for the brand."
Esha Sehgal


Best gift bought till date
"We have been happily married for 10 years now and I have made this tradition of gifting my wife every year with the most precious things possible. This anniversary, a friend of mine recommended me to buy a ring from Oppule. So, I bought an exclusive design 21Kt Gold Princess cut diamond solitaire ring for my wife and she instantly fell in love with it. We have been regular buyers of big jewellery brands but Oppule proved to be the best among them."
Sheikh Fateh Emran


First ever online buying experience
"Last month my daughter was getting married and I was completely occupied my the preparations. Due to the shortage of time, I couldn't go to the family jeweller and gave a try buying all the jewellery online from Oppule. To my surprise, every single piece was adorable and they let us try all the selected pieces for free. There couldn't be better decision that that. I am in love with this brand."
Mrs. Shehryar Ahmed


A ThankYou note for Oppule EMI Plan
"From past two years, I have been a regular customer of Oppule and till now I have saved a good quantity of Gold in the form of Jewellery bought from Oppule. I could never ever think of saving that much for my family without the EMI plan of Oppule. I started saving small amounts from my monthly budget and payed it for monthly installments for the jewellery I bought. Now, I am satisfied that I have alot of savings for my daughter's wedding and possible tough times of the family. All thanks to the Oppule EMI plan."
Muhammad Hassan Khan

Thumbs up for the Oppule team
"I happen to be a person involved in the jewelry making for almost a decade. Therefore, I keep a keen eye on the good brands in the market. I got to know about Oppule through their grand launch marketing and I was awestruck by the way they are working. I tried their jewelry at home and every piece was a masterpiece. With completely distinctive designs and ultimate precision, they definitely know the art of jewelry making. Keep it going!"
Mehmet Emre