For COVID-19 World Heroes

Expression of Love For World Heroes

Oppule has been actively participating during the crucial times since its inception, as there is nothing more important than the corporate social responsibility and it is never compromised in any situation. With the outbreak of COVID-19, came the most back-breaking challenges for some of the most important professions of the world. People related to healthcare and law enforcement came forward to control the situation and undermined their own safety, risking their lives.

To pay tribute to these heroes and to appreciate their massive input in the prevailing pandemic, Oppule decided to express the love and gratitude to them through a simple gesture to make them feel important and valued.

In a meeting held on 8th April 2020. Oppule management took the decision for people who are true world heroes, whether they are doctors, nurses, health care workers, law enforcement officers, volunteers or contributors saving lives and working selflessly during COVID-19 crises.

Here is the expression of love for them.
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