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Billionaire - Eau De Parfum - Unisex

Billionaire - Eau De Parfum - Unisex

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Why you should buy from Oppule?
🛍️ 300,000+ Satisfied Customers.
📜 Oppule Design Perfume Creation.
↩️ 15 Days Money Back Policy.
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A unique aura, sensual on the skin, reassuringly virile these are the keys to the hymn of love announced by Oppule, the triumphant and flamboyant seducer. A fragrance that interprets the sublime masculinity through a luminous aura with an intense, vibrant and glowing freshness.



Perfume Spray - Concentration: 30%  (Eau De Parfum)

Up to 24 Hours.  

Fragrance for affluent people and corporates. Composed notes are Saffron, Cassis, Tangerine, Damask Rose, Leather, Woody Notes, Ambergris, Vanilla, Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot, Red-Orange, Saffron, Lavender, Sage, Grey Amber, Oakmoss, Oakwood.

Shipping and Return Policy

15 Days Money Back Policy
If the product is returned within 15 days, the amount will be refunded to your Oppule Wallet. You can choose to make another purchase with the amount in your wallet, or you can transfer this payment to your bank account.

100% Refund
Our 15 days return policy gives you time to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. If you find any valid reason to return the product, we will provide you with a 100% refund or exchange according to your preference. Valid reasons to claim the return policy are mentioned below. If you have a valid reason, inform us with in 3 days from the date of your order delivery. No return claim will be accepted if you are failed to inform us the valid reason with proof with in three days from the date of order delivery.

Valid Reasons
a. Damage Product.
b. Wrong Item.
c. Missing Parts / Items.
d. Defective Product.

Lifetime Buy-Back
If you opt for buy-back, you can return the product any time you please after one year of the purchase date. You will get a 90% refund of the total amount of the product. The remaining 10% of the total amount of the product must not be less than Rs.2500 while this 10% will be deducted towards recovery costs. You will receive the refund through online bank transfer within 15 days of the return of product.
If there are signs of alteration on the product or main packaging by anyone other than Oppule, the product shall not be accepted for return. On return, the product will go through a quality inspection, based on which we reserve the right to change the buy-back amount of the product.

Delivery Information:
a. It takes 3 to 5 working days for orders that are readily available in warehouse to dispatch such as silver jewellery and perfumes.
b. It takes 5 to 7 working days for manufacturing only for orders that are not readily available in warehouse such as gold and diamond jewellery.


Projection & Sillage:
Excellent length of radiation and trail

Upto 24 Hours

Application Tips:
To prolong the fragrance, use it onto your pulse points (on wrists, on neck and behind ears).

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Customer Reviews


So impressed by Oppule, there products went over the expectations. Fine fragrance in such nice packaging, there quality is undoubtedly the best ! 
Hope to see Oppule grow even more 

Sexity is my ffffaaaaavvvvvv 😍 It is such a nice fragrance, so fruity and attractive there cant have been any long lasting fragrance better than Sexity.  



Mene check kerne k liye order kere, or unki fragrance bohot zubardast hai. Must try. Me ab perfume bhi try keroon ga. Best experience.      


Oppule sure does take there standards seriously. There packaging and perfume quality is extraordinary. Simply one of the best brands I've come across !!   



I placed an order from Oppule and I must say their products are up to the mark. There fragrance are clearly one of the best. Totally loved it 🖤✨


Now a days its really difficult to find good products online and Oppule can easily be trusted on of the best pendant and perfume together is an  Absolute gift set 


I don't like to use alcohol and for me this product is amazing !!! Having Oppules best fragrance in Roll on oils people who don't use alcohol can also experience these amazing fragrances. Well done 

I ordered it for my sister on her birthday and there cannot have been better gift then this !!!!!! She loved it so much and is obsessed with it. 
Great work Oppule will definitely order again for myself !!!


Behtrreen quality or zabardast lasting. Roll ons don't usually have this much lasting but inki lasting wakai me bohot zabardast hai  


Oppule perfumes are a must have for any occasion, they got fragrance to go with any style any event one of the best perfume brands so far.
Really appreciate there products and customer service 


Really nice fragrance.....they are very long lasting. Inki quality mujhe kafi pasnd ai normally aesi quality online nahi milti. There perfume, lasting and quality is really something else      


I never thought they will be of such a nice quality. I never order online but Oppule changed my mind from now onwards Oppule is the only place I purchase perfumes from.

Outclass chiz hai sab ko yahi advise hai buy karo yaad rakho gay
Excellent brand same thing recieved it's original and have best fragrance


What's in the Package?

Oppule Success

1• Royal Craftsmanship: Pushing the boundaries and leaving behind the conventional jewelry making, and fragrance testing. Oppule has set a new standard with its invincible craftsmanship creating products that speak of their own worth.

2• Internationally Certified: Every product created by Oppule is certified and tested by the internationally recognized laboratories that validate the authenticity of the product.

Oppule Premium Gift Packaging

We believe packaging is powerful. Oppule's beautiful packaging creates a special unboxing experience for customers that's something beyond their expectations.

We selected an eye-catching 'royal purple' color that is synonymous to luxury and grandeur. 

This color is perfectly suited to our brand that reflects the image of our packaging as royal, clean and minimalist.


Oppule has been awarded the prestigious 'Brand of The Year Award' as the Fastest Growing Brand.

Oppule congratulates its all stakeholders, customers and employees for this biggest achievement of the year.It is indubitably a historic milestone achievement.

Oppule CEO 'Meezan-e-Haque', received the Fastest Growing Brand of the Year by the President of Pakistan 'Dr. Arif Alvi' and Honorable Governor 'Mr.Imran Ismail'.