Fully Geared For Beloved Friday 2020

Oppule is all set for Global kick-off with Beloved Friday event in just few hours. Now  that you are anticipating Oppule Beloved Friday to start off, we wanted to let you know how our teams have been geared up for this grand event. In recent years, Oppule Beloved Friday has become a key landmark on the calendar
for both our precious customers and us.

This year, Beloved Friday is all about going above and beyond both in terms of customer communication and promotions. Oppule has inked many collaborations with different international marketing and PR agencies to reach wider audience, build brand awareness, target usage voids gaps, strengthen brand resonance and improve stakeholder’s relations. Oppule has enhanced the entire shopping experience by optimizing the website more dynamically, fast and secured for the customers with a seamless and personalized experience.

Moreover, we have also carefully handpicked top celebrities and social media influencers to create content on a wide variety of social media platforms. Oppule is constantly innovating new ideas and creating initiatives to provide value for it’s customers.

Oppule has been preparing for Beloved Friday for months. CEO ”Meezan-e-Haque” had board meetings with all the all HOD’s and issued directives to all the executives to design one of the biggest jewelry events and make your shopping experience memorable as you can remember.

Oppule Beloved Friday teams have been aligned and working tirelessly to make this event as extraordinary and grandeur as possible. From brainstorming sessions to curating ideas and processing them. We are now in the executing phase to launch Oppule Beloved Friday and further provide you an experience that you can’t resist.

Oppule Beloved Friday is really excited to present you with one of the best deals in accordance with your desire.  

So gear up and be ready to experience one of the best jewelry events of the world.
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