Asia Best Jewelry Award

Winning an international award symbolizes that a design is unique, bespoke, and made to perfection. It means that the design is made to stand out and delivers what it promises. The Morpheus Ring is one of those designs of Oppule that captured the hearts of the mass audience.  It became the symbol of perfection and represented the core beauty of Oppule jewelry.

In 2019, the Morpheus Ring won the International IGCAC Award and became the benchmark of beauty and magnificence for every design crafted at Oppule.  The design of the Morpheus Ring was made with a minimalistic approach that encompassed simplicity with a glimpse of absolute elegance. The giant amethyst is so vibrant and mesmerizing that one can stare it the whole day. The shiny little diamonds sparkle and crowd the amethyst to create the most dazzling and awe-inspiring combination that is rare to witness.

It wasn’t just the design that won the hearts and grabbed the attention, it was the concept, craftsmanship and the entire approach involved in its making that attached the IGCAC Award with its name. The Morpheus Ring became the source of inspiration for all designs crafted by Oppule that are known to stand out and win the hearts.
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