Because it is precious and you are attached to it, your jewelry creation deserves our utmost attention. By entrusting it to Oppule, you will be preserving its shine and longevity.

or the repair or maintenance of your Oppule creation, we are pleased to offer you the option to maintain your creation online or in the Oppule boutique of your choice.

Oppule's master watchmakers and jewellers will take care of your piece thanks to their universally recognised expertise and know-how.

Shining Service

Your jewellery creation has lost its lustre and has scratches on the surface: to restore its finish, we recommend you try our shine service. The Shining Service revives a piece of Oppule jewellery.

Electroplating Service

Your silver jewelry gold plating is fading and also have light scratches on it, you have two options either request us for electroplating or remove the plating to use it as pure silver that will be a new change.


The Engraving Service enables you to personalize your Oppule creation by engraving (subject to technical constraints and the space available) either a name, phrase or date or your design of choice.


Send us an email request for repair services and provide all your concerns in detail. Our representative will call you and provide you the details. Email us at
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